Coffices, what are you doing?

We all know that monotony is not a good fellow traveler, but it's established in our lives quite naturally, even though I must say that, despite I do my best, sometimes it's hard to manage.

Once I'm working for some time in the same place I feel the need to change the environment. I mean, if I work from my office a whole week, my body asks me for a coffice (or some other place). And viceversa, after a couple of days working here and there I need to back to my place. Weird? perhaps.

Sometimes I can afford the luxury to work from the office of some good friends, even customers, but some other times I felt that working from a coffice was almost perfect.

And then, suddenly, life began to change. All that nice places started to do stupid things with the wifi network, quality of service getting worse, A/C running all the time with too much power... the quiet places weren't so quiet in the end... or my basics have changed lately (also possible).

Whatever. Probably when children start school again the same monotony will hit me in the face so I stop complaining. What never changes is the unbeatable company.


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