The warrior's rest

Last months were a bit strange here. Some changes came, I thought for the better, but in the end those changes brought some other unexpected consequences.

I'm an interested person - if not obsessed - in the art of improvement. In any point. By working I'm far from being a good pythonist, what makes me try to learn from my mates, read about it and keep me as updated as I can.

By exercising, the last part of 2016 was really boring for me, I was not able to find the motivation to get in shape. After summer, when the season is supposed to start, I felt not in right mood, perhaps too much lonely workouts, so I decided to come back to play football. The team is nice, no pressure at all, and the team mates are awesome too.

And in December the Jiu Jitsu came into my life. After taking a look at gym, decided to try just one class and I got totally hooked. Our teacher (Jiu Jitsu Lugo) is a kind of guru for me (a mirror to look at) and the people in the team is really really awesome. After 4 months I must say I'm totally in love with Jiu Jitsu.

So, what's wrong? it seems that I'm doing fine, isn't it?. In early February I started to feel strange things in my heart, something really hard was pounding inside from time to time. Firstly they were like 4 or 5 times a day but then it was quite often so I went to Urgency service. After all the tests (blood tests, x-ray, monitoring service...) doctors concluded it was nothing so serious but nervous or anxiety. To be honest I had no serious/new worries. Tomorrow I've to put a Holter monitor, we will see what happens but after an ECG the Cardiologist said that, structurally, my heart is ok.

On the other hand and at same time, a pain that I had in the back was back in a painful way. I was not able to stand more than half hour, I could barely sleep... That meant more tests, x-ray, magnetic resonance... never in my life had seen so many times by so many doctors in such a short time. The diagnosis of my back seems to be not serious either.

Plus the other usual stuff, (home) work, deal with the twins, daily basics...

In the end, with some extra help, I've managed to lift the foot off the accelerator. Maybe my body was trying to tell me something. Apart from the new routines I've established in my day by day, the rest time of my body wasn't being - by far - the expected. Probably after some time enduring that situation, the body started to send me signals that I totally ignored.

Lesson learned? I don't know, human is the only one stumbling twice against same stone. But there is something that is cristal clear: rest has risen high on my priorities.


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