Six months

Half of a year is a long time. But time passes, well, time flies. I was forced to learn to change my habits because some external factors:

  • I've learned to live without exercising my body as I was used to. Sigh!
  • I've learned to distribute time between different projects.
  • I've learned that slack is as important as keep the motivation up.
  • I've learned to cut time on social networks.
  • I've learned that it's not worth it to squeeze the brain against stuff you can not control.

I'm sure I going to forget some of these apprenticeships because humans clashes lots of times, I did it in the past and can asume that it's part of the game. What makes me sad is that I've spent so much time in the last point and time doesn't come back.

So, next commit will be focused on that. I hope can push and deploy it to production as soon as possible.


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