Got vaccinated

I got first shot yesterday morning. It was really quick, just went there, showed a QR Code and five mins later I got the vaccine. Then had to wait over 15 mins more to ensure I was feeling right and that was all. Easy peasy.

Easy peasy for the ordinary citizen but quite a process for the scientists and for the humanity in general terms. In March 2020 (a year and something ago), people hardly knew what it was and what this stuff would mean for our lives. And now - I emphasize, just fews month later - we already have a preventive solution and people out there continue working on moving forward against this kind of situations.

I just wanted to drop this few lines for historical purposes - I feel a bit like living in the future - and of course to thank all the people working hard day by day who made possible such a great advance.

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has doubledaddy super powers, father of Hugo and Nico, husband of Marta, *nix user, Djangonaut and open source passionate.
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