Don't skip leg day

There are many works of literature talking about this, I won't discover anything new today... but it seems that lately in my immediate environment there are people talking about problems here and there, with some parts of the legs involved.

Probably you've practiced some kind of sport while you was yong, probably not but with age there are likely to appear some pains connected - in a way - with abuse and/or bad practices years ago. Or you decided to start playing a sport without appropiate preparation. The latter is my case, or a mix of both.

So I've decided to not skip my leg day anymore. I need to tone up my vastus (VMO) without neglecting quadriceps nor the other leg muscles. Some kind of bike rides could help too, so I've made a "plan" or something similar:

  • 3 x Squats standing open angle
  • 3 x Quadriceps extensions
  • 3 x Femoral biceps
  • 3 x Gastrocnemius
  • 4 x Abductor/Adductor (2x2)
  • Spinning class

About 35-40 mins + spinning class (40 mins) is too much, don't know if I can handle it. I think the spinning will be optional, maybe I can replace it with some other outdoor rides when the weather improves. The idea is to repeat this once a week (Saturdays or Sundays because it's easier to get the time), twice if posible.

Maybe my knee will improve with the training plan, or may not... well, let's see how it works.


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