BJJ, or how to push yourself beyond the limits

Last years were a bit tough here. Deal with two kids is not easy, apart from the other common stuff in real life. Most of times the day becomes in a little struggle against the elements and, if you're not adequately prepared, to fall down is the easiest way to end the battle.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ), is a martial art designed for weaker people. I could share with you tons of words about how it is, how easy is to win against someone bigger and stronger than you... but in the end you should try it (Jiu Jitsu Lugo, wink wink) to just understand (and enjoy).

Apart from that, there are other so many lessons (as important as the combat itself) useful for real life. One of my favourites - tbh the main reason to write this words - is how to push your endurance limit a bit further in every training. Once you reach a very unfavorable position, in that moment when you can not see the way out, there is one thing you always can do: hold and resist.

Maybe first time you only can hold for 5 or 10 secs but once you learn how to suffer, you can reach the point where your opponent thinks that he's not able to finish that way and will try to change the technique. Your turn.

Same happens in real life. Adverse factors are not eternal. Just try it out.


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